michelleHi there! Thank you for visiting myteamies.com.

My name is Michelle Mesiona and I am the face behind the brand. I am a professional virtual assistant with background in marketing and product development.

I started myteamies.com to provide entrepreneurs with virtual assistants, and in the process create meaningful impact on people’s lives by providing them with a source of income.

I will be sharing:

– tips in how to find the right virtual assistant and work with someone from the other side of the world

– my journey as a virtual assistant and the lessons I’ve learned

– tricks that I have learned to improve efficiency

Please drop a line in the contact page or email me at michelle@myteamies.com, if you have any comments, suggestions, or if you need any virtual assistant help.




Michelle is the ultimate professional. Since she joined our team RYPL our business has grown and client base more than tripled. She is one of the most efficient people I’ve ever worked with, no job is too hard and she has a unique ability to understand, translate and deliver our business goals and direction. And not just that, she is also forthcoming with her own ideas for driving the business further forward and is absolute pleasure to work with.


One of the best moves I have made during my stint with Eli was to hire Michelle. She is a gold mine! She learns very quickly on the job and pays attention to the details. She works quickly and efficiently.