How To Get A Personalized Application Letter

After receiving applications for the job ad you posted, your next step now is to find the most qualified, if not the perfect, applicant who fits your business needs.

Sometimes you see one application that stands out from the rest and you know that your decision is made. Sometimes you rely on that unexplainable gut feel. I cannot share an exact formula because, truth be told, there is none.

There are many ways however to screen those applications, starting off with the cover letter.

A cover letter is a document that comes with the resumé, addressed to the prospective employer, that provides an overview of the skills and experience of the applicant. In addition, it is a very good way to check the written communication skills of the applicant, a skill that is often required in many job positions.

If you see a seemingly templated application in your mailbox, do not hit that reject button just yet. Templated resumés and cover letters are conveniently all over the Internet and is taken advantaged of by both highly qualified and not-too-qualified applicants alike.

Instead, try to delve deeper on how skilled or qualified they really are by asking further, clarificatory questions, such as:

  • I see you have ten years experience in this company, why did you leave your job?
  • Could you tell me more about your recent job?
  • How would you solve this problem?

You can also add special questions as part of your application process. Something like , “Before you apply, please answer this question…” will steer them to personalize their application and help you determine if they are really qualified for the the job.

It may be tedious on the part of the applicants since they will need to spend extra time in answering your questions or perhaps even writing an essay. However, this is a great help to you as an employer. This technique will discourage less-than-serious job-seekers who may just be mass-emailing their applications and will attract only those who are really keen on getting the job.

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