Why I Hired Early


It has only been weeks since I launched the Myteamies website and yet, I already sent payment to my first employee.

I know that spending on something that I am not even one hundred percent sure will work is risky. The more cautious side of me is saying that I should have done everything by myself first, and then bring someone in once this venture has already started generating income and everything has been put into place. But gut feel tells me that this project has to start now or it will vanish into thin air.

Working as a virtual assistant, I am used to taking on assigned responsibilities and implementing someone else’s vision. Now, with this project, I am implementing my own. I have full responsibility on all decisions made and complete control on everything – from the way the website looks, its messaging, the launch date – all down to the minutest of details. It’ pretty exhausting but at the same time really exciting! I believed that I could launch a website by myself, and I did! Anyone can, as a matter of fact.

I listed down all the things that needed to be done to launch this project and quickly realized that there are simply things that; (1) I like doing but don’t have time to do, (2) I can’t do and need more time to learn, and (3) I just don’t like doing at all. These three kinds of tasks were slowing me down and I knew that I could soon get frustrated and might lose interest altogether.

By this time, I have committed myself to a deadline and the only way to meet it, was to get an extra pair of hands to accomplish everything that needed to be done to get things up and running. I realized then, that this was the best time for me to hire someone because I needed all the help and expertise I could get.

Of course there was one more thing I needed to consider: MONEY. I’m not rich. My income as a VA is just enough to support me and with this new business (that’s not even earning yet); having someone working for me means that the salary would have to come from my own pocket.

Sounds like a bad idea, right? Well, I choose to have the mindset of an entrepreneur. The time, effort and money I spent are investments on this new venture. I cannot keep on wondering if it will work or not. I HAVE TO make it work because I have invested so much on it.

It is also a different feeling when you people relying on you and working for you so that they too can support themselves and their families. It motivates me to work even harder to make sure I provide them jobs that match their skills. In the same way, I am motivated to help entrepreneurs like me who are struggling with an overwhelming list of things to do.

Building this business is a passion for me. But more importantly, it is an opportunity to help other people work towards achieving their own goals.


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